Wooden pole

The Leicaflex SL is a keeper! Now I have to honor my promise to my colleague and I am happy to do so. Still awed by the incredible sharpness and contrast the Leica Summicron 50mm f2 gives me.

Weathered pole (2015) Leicaflex SL with Summicron f2 50mm and loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus
Weathered pole (2015)
Leicaflex SL with Summicron f2 50mm and loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus

“Are you going to get lenses for your Leicaflex?”, Sweetheart asked me this morning.
“I bet it will be some kind of wide angle”, she continued.

Yeah, I have been looking for a 35mm or a 28mm since a few days but these lenses are hard to find and so very expensive.

Sweetheart left me speechless. How did she know? My love for wide angle is relatively new. On cropped sensors I favored a tele, but on full 35mm I kick on wide angle.

I am so very proud of Sweetheart as she understands and knows about my photography. Feels what I feel.

So, with a wink, Sweetheart, I’m sure you’ll love this. Trust me on this… it goes both ways.





  1. That’s bitingly sharp stephan glad to see you are going to keep the sl, prior to my purchasing the Olympus I was seriously thinking about the R6 with two lenses fifty and the twenty eight


    • Owning a Leica has always been a dream 🙂 The SL is very primitive but it has a DOF-preview button. But the lens… Even today people tend to forget that good glass is what makes the quality of an image, even in digital.


    • Hi Mark,
      Everything is rather okay yes. For the moment though I don’t feel like doing much photography though. Next week I am on holiday, Lower Normandy, France. Don’t even know yet if I’m taking a camera with me.
      Don’t worry 🙂
      Thank you for caring.
      Stay well.


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