Am I back?

This is my first post in almost 7 months. Am I back?
Only time will tell.

You see, I have a hate/love relation with photography.

It hasn’t always been like that though.

I studied photography back in the late 70s in art school. I liked what I did and it was a passion. It still is, when I am in the “love” period.

I do know what happened, what changed my relationship with this medium but I am not ready to share.

I feel I am evolving to a “love-period”. This afternoon, after work, I picked up a Polaris SPD100 light meter.
The drive was sheer horror.
Abundant traffic jams, rain and deviations. I spend more than 3 hours in my car.
I love the Polaris light meter by the way. It is easy to use and accurate. It also makes it possible to measure several flashes in a row to obtain a correct exposure. Handy for macro and micro photography where a small aperture begs for light.

Past weekend I updated the Silverfast software on my iMac. Checked if I have all chemicals in stock and even took a few images with my Olympus OM-1n equipped with a f3,5 50mm macro lens I acquired a couple of days ago.

I am not sure what I’ll be sharing on my photography blog though. Landscapes I guess, maybe a portrait or so, or an occasional still life.

One of the reasons I started taking images again is because Sweetheart and I moved a few levels up in the world of Shibari. I play with rope and I love to photograph my creations. These images are not only to document my progress but for Sweetheart too. She is the one tied up and thus she can’t really appreciate the ‘art’work being in it.

I ditched the Leicaflex SL. Boy did I love the sharpness and contrast of the lens. The owner asked 500+ € for the camera so I gave it back.

Maybe I’ll stick to studio shots with Sweetheart being tied up. It is possible I’ll do landscape. I’m not sure.

The only thing right now that I really know is that feel a tingle to take up photography again.

Tree and light (2015) Olympus OM-1n with 50mm f1,4 Ilford FP4+
Tree and light (2015)
Olympus OM-1n with 50mm f1,4
Ilford FP4+


  1. Welcome back stranger it’s great to see you’ve posted again. I did send you an email checking all was well but guessed you’d decided on a sabbatical.

    Well I’m pleased to see that you have returned


  2. Welcome back! Mostly looking forward to the shibari photos as we’re also having fun with ropes and I’m keen to see now creations. 🙂


    • Hello Hans, I’m still learning and it is an important part of the scenes I set up for Sweetheart. It is indeed lots of fun and I hope to show some stuff very soon. Thank you for stopping by.


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