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Since my photography school I’ve always been a Nikon fan. Of course I know a good photograph is made by the person behind the camera and the latter simply is tool.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my Olympus kit like I love my Bronica ETRSi kit. Different camera’s, different ways of looking, working, composing. Another camera, another way of looking at the world.

Sometimes I simply like to be kind of lazy. Compose, decide on an aperture opening and shoot. Everything else is in the hands of the camera.

I owned a F2 Photomic and a F4. I own a Nikon F90x and a F100 and the latter is one of the best camera’s I ever used. Don’t ask me why though, I guess it is a mix of ergonomics and emotion.

Once again don’t ask me why but I wanted more. Maybe it is about proving myself I can. Maybe it is about old dreams, unreachable back then but quite possible today.

For weeks I have been searching and finally found what could become my next Best Friend.

Nikon F5 (2016) Nikon D300 with 50mm f1,8
Nikon F5 (2016)
Nikon D300 with 50mm f1,8I bought a Nikon F5 at , a company that deals with 2nd hand camera equipment. They give a 6 month warranty and after being fucked over a few times last year I needed to deal with someone I could/can trust.

I bought a Nikon F5 at PTCollectibles, a company that deals with 2nd hand camera equipment. They give a 6 month warranty and after being fucked over a few times last year I needed to deal with someone I could/can trust.
The camera looks fine and only a few small traces suggest it has been used before.

Made a few shots with the camera, outside and then inside, with my Jinbei studio flash set. Used different lenses, AI-s, G, non-CPU and did not experience any problems. Developed the film just to check. Every shot made a good negative and I’m sure they’ll come out well scanned. Nothing artsy, just checking the camera. The light-metering in the F5 was legendary and tuned for slide film.

I like how the camera feels, very balanced in my hand, usage very intuitive. The sound of 8 fps extremely sexy.

Yes, I love my Olympus analogue kit and it is very complete. A few primes, a few zoom lenses, a flash, and 4 camera’s.  They feel great and using them a soothing experience. This set is about creating, thinking, measuring and composing.

With the F5 though I feel the rough power, the technical possibilities and they are fueling my creativity already.
Street photography and extreme macro are a few subjects that come to mind. Simply having the camera around here, when I tie up Sweetheart. I want to shoot a dozen Shibari images for an exposition I want to do in our club in Antwerp.

Nikon F5 review by Tom Hogan
Nikon F5 review by Ken Rockwell. Hell, why not.



Thoughts – March 7, 2016

Shortly before falling from the face of the earth, as a photography blogger, I posted “What is my destination?

I wrote about my upcoming holiday with Sweetheart and ended that post with “I feel, creatively speaking, lost.”

I did a few more posts and shortly after, when July 2015 ended,  my photographer’s block kicked in.

September 2015.
Sweetheart and I enjoyed our holiday in the Normandy region. I did take a camera with me. As a matter of fact three cameras.
I did not use the Bronica. So no film photography or long exposures.
My workhorse was my old and trusty Nikon D300 and a couple of lenses.

As backup camera I used my Olympus OM-D M10.
During our week in France I shot 375 images and only a few of them are a little more than simple holiday snapshots. There is nothing wrong with that.

Sweetheart would not have minded if I would have taken some time to make more ‘artsy’ shots. I did not feel like it though. I was with Sweetheart and that is what really mattered. Our Q-time, us being on holiday together, enjoying every moment at its fullest was the main goal.

Sweetheart and I visited a zillion places and we where constantly reminded of what happened here during World War 2. We got a better insight on D-Day and looked in awe to the remainders of the huge port that was build in England and pulled over sea to Arromanches. Let those brave men and women who sacrificed their lives never be forgotten.

The weather was not that good but it stayed dry when we where outside. We did not eat as well as we did during our holidays in Germany.

The photographs I made during our holiday are just memories of our time together. They are very important for us as we are building a life together.

I’m sharing a few images. Maybe I’ll do a few more in an other post.

By the way, later on today, after work, I’ll be picking up a Nikon F5.