Past Saturday was a beautiful day, sunny albeit still rather cold.

I grabbed my camera bag, tossed a few lenses in it and my Nikon F90x with color film. My main camera for my trip was going to be my newly acquired Nikon F5.

I drove to Schoonselhof, a cemetery near Antwerp and sometimes called the Père Lachaise of Flanders.  Well, it is exaggerated but it is still worth a visit.

There are old and beautiful tombstones, some are small monuments in their own right. Unfortunately very old graves are destroyed when their lease is not payed anymore so it is not really protected.

Vandalism and copper theft have left their traces too.

The structure of the graves, granite, marble and the color of rusty metals are ideal for black and white film.

I shot a roll of Ilford HP4+ and half a roll Kodak Tri-X, the latter not yet developed.

After developing the Ilford film I can state that each and every of the 36 negatives were perfectly exposed. The 3D Matrix measuring system the Nikon F5 uses is near to perfect making the camera an extremely reliable tool so I can focus solely on composition. I work most of the tile with aperture priority.

The camera is heavy but feels perfectly balanced in my hand. A colleague and friend lend me his 70-300 VR 4.5-5.6 G, thank you Sébastien, for the weekend. Even with its slow aperture the lens works great and is tack sharp.

I am very happy with my Nikon F5 but my manual Olympus kit still remains my favorite because it is manual and I am in control every step of the process of making an image.

I’ll be following a 2x half day workshop on street photography and without a shadow of a doubt the Nikon F5 will be my camera of choice.

Mourning (2016) Nikon F5 with 70-300 VR 4.5-5.6 at 300mm and loaded with Ilford FP4+
Mourning (2016)
Nikon F5 with Nikon 70-300 VR 4.5-5.6 G at 300mm and loaded with Ilford FP4+