Walk Into The Light

Early morning, Saturday, March 5th. The train station in our town. Light is gorgeous.

Walk Into The Light (2016) Waiting (2016) Nikon FG-20 with 24-120mm and loaded with Ilford HP5+
Walk Into The Light (2016)
Nikon FG-20 with 24-120mm and loaded with Ilford HP5+


    • That would have been much better, indeed. But I loved the fragility of the light and the lines all going into the light and then these folks walked in the frame. I waited as long as I could while other people where ready to walk past me. I figured this was the best I could get. I even think the image would be stronger without any living souls in the frame.


      • That’s just what I’d have done, I’d grab the shot and hope the right elements would come together. Sometimes we get lucky Stephan although I think most folk wouldn’t see. The possibility of that shot coming together. Most folk don’t anticipate the moment so rarely if ever capture it. You have the ability to see beyond the obvious which always makes your image so much more powerful and dripping with narrative.


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