REBLOG – Streetphotography

Street Photography Magazine is the place for street shooters to showcase their work. It’s a window into the world of experts to learn from them firsthand. And it’s a tool to share tips tricks and techniques to reach the next level in creativity and technical skill.

For not even 2 bucks a month you get access to a wealth of information.

One of the things that caught my eye was a link to Eric Kim‘s website. There is some lovely photography to be found on his site.

He also offers some interesting ebook and some of them are free. One of them is an excellent one on streetphotography.

“Learn From the Masters of Street Photography” can be downloaded via this LINK and in various formats.

Thank you Eric for your time and effort and for sharing this with the photography community for free.

Check out Eric Kim’s website and if you are into street photoghrapy, I think the magazine is more than worth the 2$ per month.

NOTE I am in no way affialiated with Street Photography Magazine or Eric Kim and I did not receive anything for sharing this information on this blog.