Thoughts – April 22, 2016

Past Thursday I attended the first part of the street photography workshop. There were 12 participants, 9 women, 3 men for the theoretical part.

I did not learn much. It was about the balance between aperture and shutter speed and ISO as a third player. Basic stuff but I did appreciate the way the guy, a gifted photographer explained these rather difficult topics.

Then we went to the bar and enjoyed a drink and I made a few interesting contacts. That is great because I am not that social. I find it very difficult to interact with other people in a casual way. Small talk is not something I am good at.

Then we discussed a few more interesting topics like ideal spots for street photography, and technique.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we’ll be shooting in Antwerp Central Station. It has several floors and the lower you get the less light there is.

I’ll be taking my new and fantastic Ricoh GR II and an Olympus analogue camera with the 80mm f1,4 and Ilford HP5 Plus pushed to 1600.

Little A. asked me if she could come with me, to Antwerp, to do some shopping. She’s 16, I said yes but I know I’ll be preoccupied with her safety. Saying no is not an option though, she want’s to spend time with me. After all it this weekend she is staying with me.
I shot this at Little A’s school in the music class. The Ricoh GR II is an awesome camera and the digital noise looks and feels like grain

Piano keys (2016) Ricoh GR II, f4 at ISO 1600
Piano keys (2016)
Ricoh GR II, f4 at ISO 1600




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