Hype Grls. Not.

Maybe not perfect or even not near perfect. The wall and the people tend to blend a little too much.
Yet I like the dynamic of this image. I feel like there is much happening.
Also I feel I am developing a ‘style’ albeit I am not really sure I’ll keep it. There is so much already, this brooding black and white type of raw images.

Just looking, just playing. Discovering. Already thinking about a social doc project.

Hype Grls. Not. (2016) Ricoh GR II, f3.5 at ISO 400
Hype Grls. Not. (2016)
Ricoh GR II, f3.5 at ISO 400

Workshop street photography – Practice

Saturday, April 23, 2016

I enjoyed the 3 hours street photography practice in Antwerp Central Station very much and got some very useful tips from our instructor.
He made me look at street photography from a different angle. Finding a spot and waiting there hoping for a picture to happen is something I a going to try next time. I am more into walking around and hunting for good images, a different approach altogether.

Much to Little A.’s  disapproval I made my first shots on the train already.

Sleepy (2016) Ricoh GR II at f2.8 - 160 ISO
Sleepy (2016)
Ricoh GR II at f2.8 – 160 ISO

I did not feel uncomfortable shooting people and even coming close to them. Mostly they were busy doing whatever do they did not notice me.

Also I approached a few interesting looking people and asked them if I could get their picture. They all said yes and I got some good stuff. The red-headed lady for example posed for me.
I did not feel awkward coming close and talking to strangers but it is not in my nature and I would never have believed I would find the courage.
I guess I am very motivated.

Red haired beauty (2016) Ricoh GR II at f3.5 - 400 ISO
Red haired beauty (2016)
Ricoh GR II at f3.5 – 400 ISO

I shot little over 200 frames and threw away quite a lot. Most of the bad images were blurry. I had my Ricoh GR II in aperture priority and shot between f2.8 and f4. Auto ISO was set to 3200 ISO max. To my big surprise the camera picked very slow shutter speeds, 1/15 and 1/40 in order to keep ISO low. Next time I’ll use a setting where aperture and speed are selected and ISO changes accordingly.

I love the camera though. It is small and feels like an extension of my hand already.

I’ll be posting some more images in the next few days.

I had lots of fun, learned a bunch and I’m sure I’ll be chasing the streets more often.

Lightspot (2016) Ricoh GR II at f3.5 - 400 ISO
Lightspot (2016)
Ricoh GR II at f3.5 – 400 ISO






Thoughts – April 23, 2016

Saturday morning, almost nine in the morning. Cortana, my PA, tells me it is sunny, cold and there is a high probability for rain.

I’m waiting for Little A. She is coming with me. At 09:45 I am meeting my fellow participants of the street photography workshop. We are all taking the train to Antwerp Central. Little A. goes shopping while we hunt for awesome street shots in the huge train station. There are 3 levels and the lowest, where the international Thalys arrives, is the dimmest lit.

I’m not sure if I’ll come  home with good shots let alone awesome ones. I’m still feeling uncomfortable approaching people.

I’m taking the Ricoh GR II with me and that is it so I’m forcing myself to come close. No other camera, not even a film camera.

These past few days I’ve been playing with the camera enough to be able to use it quickly and without hesitation. High ISO goes well up to 3200 ISO.

We’ll see what comes out of it.

Dandelion (2016) Ricoh GR II, f2.8 at 100 ISO
Dandelion (2016)
Ricoh GR II, f2.8 at 100 ISO