Hotel Room

I love Edward Hopper‘s (1882 – 1967) paintings. They touch me in a way I cannot explain. Maybe because it fuels feelings deep inside of me I barely know they exist. Maybe because I can relate to the sentiment of solitude I find in his work.

For that same reason I love the work of photographer Richard Tuschman and more specifically his Hopper Meditations.

In our hotel room past Saturday evening I had a “Hopper” moment. The wallpaper, the drapes and the windows showing nothing but sea and sky inspired me. I took a few shots and I like them. Looking back though, I could have made more out of the moment.

When I looked at this picture, simply shot because it all looked great, but without a plan, a concept, I noticed a few flaws. I believe this image could have been much stronger. It could have incited the viewer to fantasize.

Imagine the charging iPhone gone.
Imagine Sweetheart lying on the bed, a naked shoulder and her arm, maybe holding the iPhone in her hand. A strand of her blond hair also in the image. I believe it would have been a much stronger photograph.

Now it is simply a photograph of a  (hotel) room. I regret that I did not explore the possibilities of this room further.

I do have a valid excuse though. When I took this picture I was very hungry. Not for food but for Sweetheart.
Finally our weekend was about being together and not about photography.

What do you think or feel?

Hotel room (2016) Ricoh GR II
Hotel room (2016)
Ricoh GR II


  1. I love this stephan that camera has certainly given you a creative nudge in another direction. The images you’ve shot with it are wonderful and a paradigm shift in many ways to your normal style, long may it continue.


    • I am still impressed by its possibilities, options and quality. And indeed, being ‘limited’ to a fixed real 28mm changes the way one looks.
      Glad you like the direction I’m taking.


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