More than a year ago I dabbled for a short period of time with self-publishing. I used Scribus, a free open-source desktop publishing program. It has a steep learning curve but offers a zillion options and, most importantly, it is free.

At that time I shot quite a few images with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app and the TinType pack.

I selected what I found the best images I had made and collected them in an eBook that I titled “Hipstamatic”.

Then I created an account on ISSUU and uploaded the PDF-file and then forgot about it, even forgot the name of my account.

A few days ago I discovered I had an email linked with my Twitter-account and tried that one to login on ISSUU. I don’t use Twitter except for tweeting my blog posts. I have in fact no idea of the added value Twitter offers.

I downloaded the book and corrected some typos and then uploaded it again. Maybe I’ll do some more eBooks in the near future.

I’d love to find out what your impressions of this book are. As always I do appreciate and welcome constructive criticism.



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