Thoughts – May 11, 2016

At work I am bored to death. I feel unappreciated, not worth the salary I am paid. I feel disliked and I am worth nothing.


That is why I have been at home for a while. A bore-out kind-of shitty thing.  The doc told me I should go in therapy. I have no problem with that. Over the past few decades I have learned that therapy can be beneficial. Even more if you are no afraid to find out who you really are. No, I am not afraid of therapy.  Knowing yourself, the bad, the ugly and the good, makes you a stronger person.

I learned from Eric Kim‘s books that you should leave your photo’s alone for a certain period of time in order to become emotionally unattached. Side note: reading his books has been therapy for me.

At work I have a 30’ pause, even if you keep working, those 30 minutes are gone. So a few weeks ago I went for a walk in what one could call the suburbs. There are also social buildings nearby.


I was eager because I wanted to give my newly acquired Ricoh GR II a test-drive.

Today, after a few weeks of these images stewing on my hard drive, I found a few I liked. Then I thought, what the fuck, if I go out every day for 30′ shooting in that small and little world near my work, I should get a good body of work.I have this camera. It is black and it looks like some stupid point & shoot shitty camera you buy for a handful of dollars at Walmart or whatever.
Don’t be mistaken. Read my lips. The Ricoh GR II is a killer machine.
The new firmware lets you shoot at 35mm and 47mm cropped. The snap-mode is a godsend gift for street photography.

So maybe, taking my 30′ break at work could lead to some nice work.  It is all in the neighborhood and it is a world so different from the one I live.

There is one thing for sure that I know… I am constantly evolving as a photographer.




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