Nothingness (2016) Ricoh GR II
Nothingness (2016)
Ricoh GR II


  1. I love what you’ve captured here the subtle yellow splash of colour which leads to the gate, I would imagine most folk wouldn’t even notice stephan. That gr has certainly given you a new mojo.


    • I showed this image to Sweetheart and she did not like it a bit. I was unable to express what I felt when I took this picture and still feel when I look at it. I showed her another one and she told me she still did not see it. Then, after a short while, maybe if you had a few, a collection, I would see what you are trying to say. But this one, nah. I consider it as a little side project and I have not a clue where it will lead me to. I have been shooting with the Ricoh almost exclusively for the past month and for a reason I cannot comprehend yet, it makes me look & shoot differently.


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