Carrying stuff

We have a “flea” market every Sunday forenoon. Well, it used to be a real flea market but nowadays you can get plants and meat and fried chicken, bread, cakes and goldfish. Small scale farmers or even hobbyists sell their vegetables.

Sweetheart and I visited the market but it was cold and she wasn’t feeling okay yet I was able to shoot a few images with my Ricoh GR II. It is not easy when accompanied so after dropping Sweetheart of at her place I went back to the market.

I try not to look at my images on the back of my camera. As I am shooting mostly in a very sneaky way chimping is a bad idea. Trying not to look at my subject after photographing them is also hard. Maybe they suspect something and when you make eye contact they know.

At home I put my images on the hard drive and that is it. I try not to look at them immediately in order to lose my emotional connection with the shoot. Otherwise I would love and ultimately post images that are not good.
I prefer looking at them as objectively as possible.

This one literally jumped from the screen. I did crop it slightly, maybe 5% or so and had a hard time rescuing the image due to the fact I had accidentally toggled the under/over exposure buttons (happens a lot to me) to an unhealthy -2 stops.

Using several layers with curves in Photoshop helped and adding a layer with Nik Software SilverFX at 25% did the trick.

I love the angle and the expression on the guy’s face. Well, I love to sneak in as close as possible and shoot without even looking at my screen, just pointing the camera in the right direction. In the beginning I missed some shots this way but now I am getting pretty good at it.

Someone told me my style is going in the direction of Bruce Gilden and Mark Cohen and I consider that a huge compliment.

I know the work of Gilden and I cannot imagine working like that, pushing a camera in someone’s face and shooting with a flash. I would feel so very intrusive. On the other hand a few months ago I could not even imagine doing street photography.

I am not familiar with the work of Mark Cohen but I’m looking forward discovering his work.

I cannot help it but I simply love this image and at this moment in time I feel this is one of my very best shots.

Carrying stuff (2016) Ricoh Gr II
Carrying stuff (2016)
Ricoh Gr II