Thoughts – May 22, 2016

I feel a lot more confident now than I was 10 years ago. Yet I still get nervous and anxious. That’s what makes street photography so challenging and exciting.

Over time landscape photography has become boring to me, because it doesn’t challenge me mentally anymore. It has also become more difficult, for various reasons. Being in a steady relationship where we have fixed days to be together is one of these. Mind you, I am not complaining

I do not believe that social skills are inborn. Obviously some of us are naturally more extroverted and introverted, but to interact with strangers is a skill that comes over time. I am still learning.

I am only an extrovert when I’m comfortable with friends and family. Yet I’m still nervous and suspicious around strangers, and I really need to push myself out of my comfort zone to make myself naked in front of them.

It has been, still is, a long process of self-development.

Between 2008 and 2011 I visited the French Opal coast on numerous occasions. This resulted in a series of landscape photographs and a few solo exhibitions.

When I look at these photos today they do not represent me in any way anymore. I was a different man back then, a wanderer, a loner, desperately searching for his Holy Grail.

I found my Grail on the evening of September 6, 2011 and our story started a few weeks later, on September 20.
With Sweetheart, my Princess, I am finally complete and together we opened a whole new world.

This coming week will be a retrospective of my landscape photography at the French Opal Coast and these images have never been posted or shown before.

After all these years I’ll be looking at these photographs in a different way and it will be, in some way, and discovery for me too.

Feather (2007) Near Cap Blanc Nez Nikon D200 with Sigma 10-20mm at f8
Feather (2007)
Near Cap Blanc Nez
Nikon D200 with Sigma 10-20mm at f8

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