Sunset in monochrome

May 10, 2008

Evening somewhere on the Opal Coast. Light is fading fast. We are well beyond the golden hour. These are the last minutes of the blue hour.

I am enjoying the solitude I find on these deserted beaches. Yet I feel sad and lonely. I wish I could share these moments with someone I treasure, somebody with whom I have such a deep connection it becomes a fairy tale.

Later on, in my hotel room somewhere in Calais, I upload the files to my laptop and look at my photographs while emptying a bottle of wine.

On an evening like this, with my heart filled with so many emotions, I would hit the sack rather drunk. And regret it the next morning while trying to kill the hang-over.

Anyway,  somehow I made it and finally hit the jackpot when I met Sweetheart, three years and a few months after I captured this image.
Sunset in monochrom (2008) Nikon D300 with 24-120mm

Sunset in monochrome (2008)
Nikon D300 with 24-120mm


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