Thoughts – May 29, 2016

Tomorrow I’m going back to work and I feel nervous and anxious. I’ve been taking my SSRI’s for little over a week now but they won’t kick in yet. The doctor told me it would take at least a week or three.

I haven’t done much while at home except for enjoying the whole 7 seasons of Californication.

It is about a self-loathing, alcoholic writer (David Duchovny) attempting to repair his damaged relationships with his daughter and her mother (Natascha McElhone) while combating sex addiction, a budding drug problem, and the seeming inability to avoid making bad decisions.

It has quite some Bukowski about it, my most favorite writer/poet. And for some strange reason Hank’s love of his live, Karen, reminds me of Sweetheart. I can’t really explain but it has much to do with the charisma and appearance.

Past Thursday evening Sweetheart and I attended “A Brazilian Voyage”, a samba meets Jazz project with Nilson Matta and a few Belgian musicians.
It was Sweetheart’s birthday present for me and I enjoyed it very much.

The next day, Friday, I drove to Mechelen to pick up Little A. from boarding school.
Traffic there is a pain so I tend to arrive as early as possible. As I was not working I arrived at 15:00 and had an hour to spend.  So I hit the streets enjoying the simple pleasures of street photography.

New stuff caught my eye and maybe that could grow into a photography project. We’ll see where it brings me.

On a technical note, I still love the Ricoh GR II but one of its strengths is also a weakness. The camera has no anti-alias filter which gives more detailed and sharper images. Unfortunately, this makes the camera more sensitive to moiré. Like in the lace curtain.

Who lives here? - I (2016) Ricoh GR II
Who lives here? – I (2016)
Ricoh GR II