What could possibly be the story behind this image? Tell me your interpretation.

Untitled (2016) Ricoh GR II
Untitled (2016)
Ricoh GR II


  1. Annoying European travelers….sorry, the city is flooded with them right now and I am so swamped with work, people walking 5 abreast and googling/mapping it in the middle of the sidewalk are killing me. (Americans are not the only annoying tourists~)


    • Nice one, Dievca. And they are rude too, picking their nose in public.
      Reminds me, years ago, almost 23 of them, where did time go?, I visited Florence, Italy. There was this lady, a gaze of despair in her eyes, staring at a half torn map of the city.
      Do you speak English, she asked me, her English very basic. Clearly a tourist, like me. I nodded.
      Where Duomo? she asked, pointing her finger on the church, a simple drawing displayed on the map.
      I smiled. Oh boy, I could not help wonder how these people manage to go somewhere and then get back home too. Without getting lost somewhere in the middle.
      She looked at me, lovely asian eyes, a young and beautiful woman.
      I could not help myself so I frowned as if I was thinking of a way how to explain Stephen Hawking’s theories to a toddler.
      Mmmm, let me think, I told the woman. She looked at me with great expectation.
      Then, with a big smile, I pointed to a building in front of us. Maybe that one? I said, looking at the famous Duomo not even 200 meters in front of us.
      She thanked me a zillion times.

      Then she walked in one direction and I in the other.

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