Street photography – smartphone blues

The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You
Chase Jarvis

After my altercation on  Monday last week,  with mother and daughter who accused me of being an idiot and a pervert I decided to try something new.

Not because this experience will hold me back in any way but because I want to be stealthier than stealthy. Try new stuff.

I got a Samsung J5 from work to replace my personal Lumia 640 LTE I sadly dropped a few days ago. Except for the apps I’ll change any mobile phone for a Lumia, never owned such a great phone when it comes to customization.

Anyway, the Samsung J5 has a 13 MP (!) camera. So many pixels on a tiny sensor yet the quality of the image in very good light is not that bad. It ain’t RAW but like Chase Jarvis once rightfully said: “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You” .

So I yesterday, Sunday, I decided to visit the weekly “flea” market with my smartphone and not with my Ricoh GR II thinking I would be shooting very inconspicuous with my phone.

Maybe I did albeit it didn’t feel like it. I had the impression I was a sitting duck for every human being thinking “hey this is a pervert or a stalker.”

In fact, nobody noticed me and I’m guessing if I would have used my Ricoh nobody would have noticed either.

I made 40 photographs and no real keepers. As it was a bright sunny morning image quality is rather okay for screen use and maybe even for a 13 x 18 print. There is almost no latitude in the JPG-files so one needs to post-process carefully.

What bugged me the most with the Samsung J5 was the shutter lag. I shoot with the Ricoh GR II in snap mode so when I press the shutter the photo is made instantaneously.

Dog (2016) Samsung J5
Dog (2016)
Samsung J5

I did not measure it but with the Samsung J5 we are talking about a shutter lag that comes close to half a second.

In the second shot, the lady with the dog, the white fur of the animal is completely blown out.

Baby Dog (2016) Samsung J5
Baby Dog (2016)
Samsung J5