For some time now I have been posting a photograph every day.  I feel this is too much and might even affect the quality of my posts.

On the other hand, there is the pleasant “pressure” to create if I want to keep up posting every weekday. But then again, this positive “pressure” could lead also to less quality.

Yet I feel it is important to post regularly so I have decided to post 3 times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If I feel like it or if I have something meaningful to say I’ll post during the weekend under Thoughts.

The yearly fair in my hometown will take place this weekend. I’ll be shooting on the streets on Friday evening and pushing the Ricoh GR II using it at 3200 ISO to capture the low-light atmosphere.
The fair also means I’ll won’t be sleeping much as I live nearby. Music till 04:00 except for Sunday when everything ends at midnight.

I’ll be also on the streets on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Saturday evening Sweetheart and I are going out in order to escape the noise tormenting my apartment.

Old Man (2016) Samsung J5
Old Man (2016)
Samsung J5