Thoughts – June 25, 2016

Yesterday evening, 21:00 or so it was, I hit the street and headed to the fair. Dusk, a deep blue sky mixed with the bright lights of the booths and attractions. It was visual heaven.

Tattoo (2016) Ricoh GR II, ISO 1000
Tattoo (2016)
Ricoh GR II, ISO 1000

I had set the camera to auto ISO with a maximum of 3200 ISO. Later on, back home, I experimented with higher ISO settings and thus more noise. This image I took at ISO 12800 and was surprised how the noise almost looked like film grain. Okay, you lose quite some detail in the shadow area but for street photography, I would still accept this type of image deterioration.
So 3200 ISO gives very acceptable images, one stop more is still very acceptable and at 12800 ISO, well, depending on the subject, yeah, really okay when a high-contrast image.

Sodastream (2016) Ricoh GR II at f2,8 and ISO 12800
Sodastream (2016)
Ricoh GR II at f2,8 and ISO 12800

Yet I did not feel comfortable making photographs. I struck me how something deep inside me held me back. It is not fear but well, uneasiness.  The altercation with the two ladies a few weeks ago had put a weight on my pleasure of shooting on the streets. That weight was still there.

I did the best I could, forcing myself in the crowded main street to take photographs. I could not help it feeling like a creep, a dirty old man. I know I have to overcome this and I will succeed.

Sweetheart suggested I should not shoot in our town anymore but I refuse to give in. I am not doing anything wrong.

W, ll all this gives me a reason share one of my favorite songs. Just for fun because it is a beautiful song that touches me deep on so many levels.

I am looking to extend the possibilities of my Ricoh GR II. Hell, I am so in love with this camera. I bought a second hand GH-3, a lens hood. It has a 49mm filter thread so I can use my ND 1024, a -10 stop filter for long exposures.

Next will be the GW-3 Wide Conversion Lens so I’ll have a high quality 21mm lens on the Ricoh GR II. Useful for urban landscape and for some creative stuff I’m thinking of doing.

I’ll be getting this conversion lens in a week or so.

Not that it really matters but the lens hood gives the Ricoh GR II a different look & feel, more a Ninja Camera that in fact it already is.

GH-3 Hood & Lens Adapter on Ricoh GR II (c) DPREVIEW. COM
GH-3 Hood & Lens Adapter on Ricoh GR II