Young & Old

Sunday, July 3.
I am exhausted. Yet I am very happy. Little A. and I spend the afternoon in Antwerp. Shops were open because it was the first weekend of the summer sales. My youngest daughter and her BFF did some shopping and I hit the streets. It feels like I walked a zillion miles.

After 300 shots the Ricoh GR II battery died on me so I connected the camera with a power bank and switched to the Olympus OMD M10 with the excellent and razor-sharp 45mm f1,8. This lens is not usable in a crowded city. After all, it is a 90mm on a full-frame. On a bright sunny day, you can’t use it wide open though. The Olympus is limited to 1/4000 and ISO 200 so you need an ND filter. I have a cheapo one but it gives a very nasty color cast. If you shoot in raw there is no problem though.

I found myself a spot on a public square and used the 90mm to isolate interesting subjects. At a few crosswalks, this small telephoto lens came in quite handy too.

So 300 shots with the Ricoh and 80 with the Olympus.

Quite a few of the Ricoh images are not sharp though and that is my fault entirely. I like to use the camera in snap mode. You set a focusing distance, 2 meters for example, and at f8 your depth of field goes from about 0.70m to 5m. As the camera is prefocused there is no shutter lag.

Antwerp Central Stations has 4 levels. The upper ones are bright, the lower ones darker. So there I opened my aperture a little more but came closer to my subjects.

Then I found an interesting spot where I stood for a while waiting for that distinctive moment when everything falls together. Unfortunately, I forgot to adjust my aperture back to f8 or f10 so most of these images are not in focus.

Street photography offers so many great moments. That guy, for example, noticing how I captured his wife while she made a photograph of the entrance gate of Chinatown (in Antwerp) and presented himself as a street photographer and asked what camera I was using. We had an interesting conversation.

Or that couple, suddenly he went on his knees. She was so embarrassed. I was too far to hear what she said but I made the shot. You can’t see the ring though, that he is showing her.

Twin babies in a buggy being fed. A bottle is presented by dad, the other by mom. He looks at his offspring, she looks at a guy who passed by. Yeah, I got that.

This image was made at a crosswalk. On the other side of the road, people were waiting for the green light. I noticed an opportunity. I waited and it happened. I fired twice, the latter being the best representation of what I had seen in my mind’s eye. I waited for the decisive moment when all fell into place.

People move towards me as a spear and I feel there is an interesting juxtaposition.

Young & Old (2016) Ricoh GR II
Young & Old (2016)
Ricoh GR II






    • Hi Mark, thank you for stopping by. I was hoping the buggy and the wheelchair would interact in some interesting way. The light went green, the people started moving. Then there was this arrow, the buggy the point of it, I felt a dynamic going on. Pressed the shutter. It felt like magic.


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