Problem Solving in Photography

Being a (professional) photographer is more than having fancy gear or a vision. Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we are not really equipped for yet results are expected. Sometimes we experience the presence of Murphy.

Knowing your business, the ability to think outside the box in order to get that shot can be very challenging and/or an interesting experience.

Over the past years, I have enjoyed the Digital Rev’s ‘Cheap Camera Challenge’ and picked up quite a few things.

Assignments where Chase Jarvis gets a Lego Camera, Lara Jade a Agatsuma Anpanman child’s camera and Zack Arias and my favorite episode with David Hobby aka The Strobist show you gear is not everything. You can still deliver interesting results with a Barbie Video Girl Doll if you know what you are doing.

Top professional photographers are presented with a challenge but the way they work around these problems is enlightening.

If you have some time to spare these videos are worth your time.



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