Past Thursday was the Belgian National Day. We commemorate an event on 21 July 1831 in which Leopold of Saxe-Cobourg swore allegiance to the new Belgian constitution, thus becoming the nation’s first monarch. The king’s vow marked the start of the independent state of Belgium under a constitutional monarchy and parliament.

Sweetheart and I took her eldest daughter Stella and her kid, Star, to Vlissingen in Zeeland. We don’t like to go to the Belgian coast. Way to crowded and the embankment are all filled with flats, most of them ugly buildings.

We prefer the open space and the dunes.

Stella is a very troubled young woman but she is doing fine lately. Sweetheart is Star’s foster-mother because the full-time care of a toddler is too much for Stella.

It was a nice day. Sunny but not hot. We spend some time on the beach and then went shopping in Vlissingen. Later on we had dinner on the sea dyke. In between I had some time to make some street photos.

Hipster (2016) Ricoh GR II
Hipster (2016)
Ricoh GR II



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