Analog Pentax Spotmeter V

Just this afternoon I picked up a mint analog Pentax Spotmeter V with strap, the original packaging and leather case. I paid 80 Euro (89 $)

It is a handheld Spotmeter with a circle of 1° and has a measuring range of 1 – 19 EV. ISO settings go from 6 to 6400 and aperture between f1 and f128.

I picked it up because I want to be able to measure more precisely when using my Bronica ETRs system and 35mm film camera’s but I’m sure I’ll also be using the Spotmeter with my Nikon DSLR. I’m thinking this will give me much more overall control when measuring exposure.

It’s a simple tool allowing a very complex metering work to be done. It offers approximately 1 degree cone field-of-measurement on the frame (marked as a small circle in the center of the meter when you look through it), meaning you can sample the precise exposure reading as reflected light (translated as neutral gray) from this small area. When you point and aim it, push the button then the analog dial will show you clearly simple number reading on the proper analog scale and after that you’ll dial in that number on the simple exposure computer planted on the side of the meter. That’s it.

This device is also very handy when one wants to use the Zone System.

I’ll be putting some money aside in order to get a second-hand 4×5” view-camera somewhere next year and maybe get acquainted with the Zone System. Obviously then a Spotmeter comes in very handy.

I could write a review but I found THIS one to be very good. The article shows quite some examples in how your photography can benefit from spotmetering.







  1. I almost picked up one of these years ago. I still may get one, if one turns up on ebay. For now, my Minolta Auto Meter IVF with 5 degree spot attachment works just fine.


    • Almost every digital camera has one build in nowadays but I think this meter will be of great use when I go out with my Bronica. With careful use and knowing what you are doing I’m sure a 5° spot works just as good.

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