Car Wreck

The other day I accompanied two of my colleagues. They also are avid photographers.

During our lunch break, we went for a walk in a nearby social area. The three of us have different fields of interest when it comes to photography.

There was quite some garbage and the buildings had degraded over time. Most of the inhabitants are elderly people or immigrants. One of them asked, in not a very friendly way, one of my friends what we were up to.

My colleagues walked by this car wreck without paying attention to it as they were in a different mindset. I saw an opportunity as the situation tells something about the conditions in this area.

Afterward, my coworkers were astonished when the saw this image as they not only liked the photography but hadn’t seen potential in the situation really.

Car wreck (2016) Ricoh GRII
Car wreck (2016)
Ricoh GRII



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