Rise and Fall and more

I picked up a used Sinar Norma and a Rodenstock Sironar-N 210mm f5,6 MC and from another reseller a Toyo Rollfim Holder 69 / 45 for 120 roll film so I can make 8 images per roll.

For the moment I don’t have 4×5 film holders but that is no problem. I felt it was important to learn to use this camera, discover the movements it offers like rise, fall, tilt, swift etc…

Sheet film is expensive and a roll of 120 Ilford FP4+ or HP+ costs me about 5,5 Euro so cheap enough to experiment.

I’ll be doing some still life studio work in order to learn how to use the camera before going into the field. Obviously, my recently acquired Pentax V Spotmeter comes in quite handy. In fact, it is when I made a bid for this light meter I decided to check out prices for second-hand large format cameras.

These past few days I have been reading quite a lot about the Zone System and decided to use it in my analog workflow. The idea is that later on I’ll be able to, when necessary, develop a sheet of film to correct the exposure, the famous N-x or N+x.

So a new world is opening and I am thrilled to be able to experiment and to enjoy being creative in a whole new way.
Even with 40+ years experience, I have almost no experience with large format photography.

Here you can find a few interesting articles in no particular order on using the Zone System

Alan Ross Photography – Zone System, Dinosaur or Darling

Photography Tutplus

Outdoorphotographer – The Digital Zone System

I had quite an interesting time with the guy who sold me the Sinar. He teaches photography and has quite some experience with large format. He even sold me a motorized Jobo drum with temperature control so I can develop my 4×5″ sheets. Hell, he asked only like 20 Euro for the development kit.

I’m home for the next two weeks and hope to put the camera to good use. The first thing I am going to check is if the bellows is light tight.

Sinar Norma with Rodenstock Sironar-N 210mm f5,6 MC
Sinar Norma with Rodenstock Sironar-N 210mm f5,6 MC





  1. This is going to be so interesting and fun for you. Good Luck and I cannot wait to see the process. (will send a short e-mail about a camera – I finally got to B&H to look)


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