A first one

Yesterday I picked up 6 used film cassettes 4×5″. I need to keep a close eye on my wallet so I searched for a cheapo film solution. Finally, I ended with ordering 50 sheets of Fomapan 100. Fomapan is made in the Czech Republic and the company exists for 95 years already.

I got a 50 sheet box for less the price than an Ilford FP4+ 25 sheet box.

The film arrived this morning but Little A. is staying with me so I had to wait for some alone time. Luckily I  had to drop her off at 4 in the afternoon at her babysitter’s job.

Fomapan 100
Fomapan 100

Back home I loaded the sheet of film in a cassette. Not that hard to be honest.

Then I made a simple composition with a rose and checked everything with my Nikon D300 “Polaroid” back.

When I first shot in my studio I had forgotten I needed to compensate for the bellow extension.
Composed and measured the light with my flash meter.

So I used an app on my Android tablet (Bellows Factor). It told me I had to compensate for about 1 1/3 stop but I decided to go for 2 stops.

Exposed the film.
Got the film out of the cassette and in the Jobo development tank.

Developed with Kodak TMax 1+4 for 5′.  The developer came out green.
Stop bath. Fix bath.
Short rinse.
Checked the neg.
Wow, albeit I think about 1 stop more would have been better.

Now the neg is drying and I cannot wait to scan.

Hell, this is my very first 4×5″ negative I loaded and developed by hand. Well, not entirely because the Jobo CPE did some work too.

I think I’ll be soon investing in a second-hand Jobo CP 2 or 3 and develop also color film at home.

Anyway, I liked setting up a flower in my studio (living room), play with light and check the technical stuff like metering light and adding some tilt on the film plane in order to get a more shallow depth of field.

Loading a sheet of film and making the exposure. Developing and then, scanning.

At this stage, with the Sinar Norma, making a photograph has become a real craft and I like that.

Hell, I’m even thinking further. I’m thinking about Platinum print.

But that won’t be tomorrow or in a few months. I lack the space to create, I lack a room to set up my stuff.
I wish I had a photographic playroom. Studio, lab, and digital darkroom.

Maybe one day I’ll have that.

Negative (2016) Sinar Norma with Rodenstock Sironar-N 210mm f5,6 MC and Fomapan 100
Negative (2016)
Sinar Norma with Rodenstock Sironar-N 210mm f5,6 MC and Fomapan 100









    • Hi Simon, thank you for stopping by. Contact-printing 4×5 with the platinum process is something that is on my agenda. I’ve been Youtubing and Googling (new-speak) about the subject. Maybe something for the long winter weekends but definitely something I want to try.


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