Calla lily

Another studio image I made.

Calla Lily (2016) Sinar Norma with Rodenstock Sironar-N 210mm f5,6 MC on Fomapan 100
Calla Lily (2016)
Sinar Norma with Rodenstock Sironar-N 210mm f5,6 MC on Fomapan 100




    • Most of my development gear I got second-hand. There is of course the black and white developer, fixer and film and I have no idea what the prices are in the US. I get developer at 3,5 Euro good for about 10 films, fix isn’t expensive either and can be used several times. Shooting film and developing it yourself is a great experience 🙂
      I sure hope your boys will find a way.

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      • The youngest is the most likely to save and do it. The oldest has done black and white in art school. Getting a color roll developed is $13. It’s pretty expensive.


      • Indeed that is rather expensive. Does it include prints or only development?
        I was thinking more about developing black and white. Anyway, I’ll be developing color soon at home too. With the right products and care it would cost me about 2 Euro.


    • Thank you Martin and what a nice compliment. I’ve always dreamt of a large format camera and now they have become rather affordable. One of the first things I experienced with this camera is that it changes the way I shoot. Sure it slows me down in a pleasant way and the possibilities with the movements this camera allows are a creative dream. Yet there is more. This format of negative, the way it works makes that I’ll use it only for special projects or subjects. Like having an Averagejoe-car for during the week and an gorgeous antique Alfa Romeo for those special occasions.


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