It had been almost a year since I last used my Bronica ETRSi. There was still a roll of film in it.

I enjoyed being alone in the woods and meadows. In fact, I missed it very much. I carefully framed, measured light trying to think zone system.

After 6 or so shots I started to have questions about film advancement. Another shot made it clear, the film was not advancing. For a second I felt frightened, was the camera broken? Then I noticed the lever that makes superimposing possible was set to on. I clicked it back and everything worked fine again. I was both mad at myself and feeling silly. Hell, I made a few interesting shots that were now gone forever.

In a darker part of the woods, I found these branches with only just one capturing sunlight. It was a good exercise for spot metering.

There was a difference of 4 stops between the darkest and brightest part so well into the dynamic range of the film.

The darkest shadow measured EV 7 (f5,6 – 1/15) and would render it mid-grey or zone V. I decided to pull out the less dark shadows and overexposed with 1 stop making the light spot on the branch bright but with still enough detail in it.

I added a shallow S-Curve in Photoshop to boost the contrast slightly. Then I did some very light dodging to make the white light spots in the background a little brighter. That is all.

I started making notes, something I never did before when I got the Sinar Norma.

Now I have a notebook in my Bronica bag also and I find it interesting to compare notes with what I saw, what I wanted to achieve and the final result.

I feel using the Pentax Spot meter and thinking more about light and how I want to see it in my final result is beneficial for my photography.

Branches (2016) Bronica ETRSi with 200mm f4,5 with Ilford HP5+ f5,6 at 1/8
Branches (2016)
Bronica ETRSi with 200mm f4,5 with Ilford HP5+
f5,6 at 1/8





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