Thoughts – August 24, 2016

In a few days I’ll be picking up a Jobo CPE-2 with lift. This will enable me also to develop color film.

CPE-2 with lift (c)
CPE-2 with lift

Getting 35mm color developed is not a problem. It becomes more difficult for 120 roll film and almost impossible for sheet film.

By the way, I am extremely happy with the online shop I’m buying my films, developer and so on from. Please note I am not affiliated with them in any way. I’m mentioning them simply because of their range of products and service. I discovered Retro Camera by accident and they sell only analog film products.

I’m also selling gear because I’m not using it. I’ll be scaling down and keep the Sinar Norma, the Bronica ETRSi (maybe get a second body), my very complete Olympus OM-kit with several lenses and bodies and Nikon gear, both digital and analog. And of course my Ricoh GR II.

Using the Bronica or the Sinar does not make me a better photographer but it sure as hell makes me see and photograph in a  different way. It is about using your gear for what it was meant and to push it even further.

Soon I’ll also be doing long exposures with the Sinar. The only thing that keeps me using it in the field is the weight/transportation.

What is next?

Well, I am thinking I should find a way of earning some money with my photography. Workshops or selling prints. Both are not obvious as I am not the only one trying to make it happen for myself.

Then there is the matter of printing. I’ll be using my Pixma Pro 9500 Mark II for color prints and some black and white but I would love to do the latter in a different way.

I would love to make platinum prints. Start with 4×5″ contact prints just to acquire experience. Then move to digital negatives in order to make larger prints.

The only problem I have is that I am running out of space. Since I got the Sinar I set up a small 2-light studio in my living room. Little A. who spends 2 weekends a month at my place finds it chaotic.

So a studio in the living room, a developing lab in the kitchen leaves no place for a UV-unit to process platinum prints.

A few days ago I used my Bronica for the first time in almost a year. There was still film in it and I remembered the last shots I made.
I had about 6 shots left when I went for a walk in the woods.
Yeah, I know this is going to sound extremely stupid.
I enjoyed being outside. Made some minimalist compositions, measuring the light with a spot-meter and thinking zone system.

After 6 shots I started to feel that something was not right. The frame counter indicated 6 and when I transported the film I noticed to my horror it was not advancing.
It took a few minutes before I realized my Bronica was not broken but that for some reason the multiple exposure lever was set on, well, multiple exposure.

I lost a few shots, that is also a part of shooting analog film.

Chaos (2016) Bronica ETRSi with several lenses and Ilford HP5+
Chaos (2016)
Bronica ETRSi with several lenses, 6 images and Ilford HP5+




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