I didn’t do much past weekend. Little A., my youngest daughter, was with me and one of her BFF’s.

On Friday evening I drove them both to Antwerp where they would attend a party and picked them back up at 02:30. I did feel that the whole weekend. I guess it goes with getting older. Got up at 10, went for groceries and cooked them an honest meal. Afterward, I washed the dishes and then drove them to a park where they could swim and sunbathe.
Then I went to the woods with my Bronica but I did not feel inspired. It was blazing hot, I felt tired and then I had to go and pick the girls up again.

Saturday evening Sweetheart and I went out and that was fun. Back home, at 01:30, it was so hot in the apartment. We did not sleep very well.

Now it is Sunday afternoon and I feel tired and lazy. The girls went to some concert and then at 20:00 or so Little A. will be back home.

I did a semi-stand development Friday evening while waiting to drive to Antwerp again. Fomapan R09 in a 1:100 dilution and a roll of old film just for testing. One minute agitation, 30′ nothing, then a 1′ slow agitation and then 30′ nothing.

The film came out well but I haven’t had time to scan it yet.

I truly hope I’ll be able to do some shooting next week.

Spectator (2008) Nikon D300 wit 24-120mm VR
Spectator (2008)
Nikon D300 wit 24-120mm VR


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