The Tetenal C41 developing kit arrived a few days ago. I can develop about 10 films with it.

Reading the instructions learned me the final product does not last very long, just a week or so.

I decided to wait and shoot a sufficient quantity of color film and I’ll be using expired color film for 90% of the batch of 10. Just in case something goes wrong.

I’m quite sure it will go fine though. How hard can it be to maintain a constant temperature for a few minutes? The second-hand Jobo CPE 2 I bought will do a fine job.

For the time being, I’ll be using only 35mm when I buy new color film. Hell, maybe I’ll get 5 rolls of 120 when Sweetheart and I leave for Danmark, but no 4×5″ because that is truly very expensive. I would like to master the developing and my 4×5″ Sinar before splashing out the dough for 25 sheets of color film.

Shooting in color will have an important influence on how I look at the world around me as I have been observing it all mostly trough shades of grey. And trust me, there are more shades of grey than 50.

This image I took at Schoonselhof Cemetery.

Grave Statue (2015) Nikon F90x with 24-120mm and Agfa color film
Grave Statue (2015)
Nikon F90x with 24-120mm and Agfa color film