Past Saturday, a day that started with a drizzle and dark grey clouds, turned into a hot, sunny with a clouded blue sky afternoon.

I drove to Zeeland in The Netherlands and made some long exposure shots with my Bronica. Exposures taking 5 to 10 minutes.

Back home I developed the film and my pleasure and anticipation dropped well below zero when I saw the results. Bad and clouded negatives, unusable. A light leak in my Bronica or something I did wrong while developing.

It made me think for a minute… Why all this effort when I could easily have bought a full frame digital camera and some good glass with the money I spend on old cameras and stuff.

What I love about old camera’s is that it makes me careful when I shoot, because I cannot check the result immediately. Then there is the development process where stuff can go wrong. It is an adventure, not for the lazy, because it is working, being there with what you are doing. It is almost handmade work.

When an image is not okay because I fucked it up in some way, during the shoot or development, well, then it was not an image that was meant to happen, to exist, to be.

It is frustrating of course, but when you choose a game you go along with the rules or you don’t play at all.

Tree (2016) Nikon F5 with 24-120mm and Ilford HP5+
Tree (2016)
Nikon F5 with 24-120mm and Ilford HP5+