Sailing through

The Zeeland Bridge is the longest bridge in the Netherlands. The bridge spans the Oosterschelde estuary. It connects the islands of Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Beveland in the province of Zeeland.

The Zeeland Bridge was built between 1963 and 1965. At the time of its completion, it was the longest bridge of Europe. It has a total length of 5,022 meters and consists of 48 spans of 95 meters, 2 spans of 72.5 meters and a movable bridge with a width of 40 meters.

The province of Zeeland borrowed the money for the construction of the bridge. The loan was repaid by levying tolls for the first 24 years.

Overall I don’t like the way the Agfa Vista 200 renders the colors.

Sailing through (2016) Olympus OM-10 with 50mm f1,8 and loaded with Agfa Vista 200
Sailing through (2016)
Olympus OM-10 with 50mm f1,8 and loaded with Agfa Vista 200






  1. Hey Stephan, it’s always a pleasure to read and see your posts. Just wondering, did you push process the film? Or crop in? The noise actually adds a nice touch, I feel, but I’m curious whether it’s truly 200. And Agfa has a distinct feel–it’s been ages since I shot any, but your post is a lovely reminder of how it renders. Best regards.


    • Thank you for stopping by. This film was developed by a non professional lab I guess, I dropped the film at Hema, a Dutch company. It is indeed cropped yes, a 1:1 keeping the 24mm height of the negative. Yet even at 24×35 the grain is quite obvious. I do not object to the grain though but more to the color rendition. But I can assure you,it is 200 Vista.

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