T minus 5 days – Last Minute Changes

Next Saturday Sweetheart and I are leaving for Denmark. It is a +1000 km drive meaning we’ll be on the road for more than 10 hours.

In Germany, at a certain point, we’ll have to take the ferry to take us to that part of Denmark that leads to Copenhagen and further to our destination, Helsingør.

The ferry seems to be reservation only meaning we’ll have to be there at a reserved hour. We also need to be at our hotel before 21:00. Don’t ask me why. Maybe they go to sleep early in Denmark.

On the road, we could encounter traffic jams or a flat tire or whatever.

I love driving and traveling by car as it gives kind of total freedom.

I am not perfect and I have serious issues when plans change the last-minute as they push me out of my comfort zone.

Although I have traveled quite a lot and a few times by airplane, I hate flying. Yes I know, it still is the safest way of transportation but flying simply terrifies me.

A reason we don’t fly is also that I told Sweetheart we can easily drive back if she is urgently needed at home. If you have to drive a whole day this is really a stupid reason and more an excuse to not fly.

As I don’t like to fly I haven’t checked fares either and also I had the impression renting a car is very expensive.

Paying for a parking space at an airport also feels like something I’d rather not do.

This morning Sweetheart and I discussed our trip and then, well, it kind of happened after a hint she made. I knew Sweetheart was right.

Also, I remembered that, quite some time ago, I promised Sweetheart I would be the one she would fly with for the first time in her life.

So I surfed to Ryanair, an Irish low-cost airline. About half an hour later I had ordered tickets, some extra’s, rented a car plus insurance. Hell, I was sweating like a pig. Changing plans last-minute, the idea of flying…

Hotel Scandia where we will be staying. (c) Google Maps
Hotel Scandia where we will be staying.
(c) Google Maps

So next Saturday, early in the morning, Sweetheart will be picking me up and then we’ll be heading to the airport of Charleroi.
Take-off at 06:40 with an arrival in Copenhagen little past 08:00.
Six days later we’ll have a ride back home.

It is Sweetheart’s son who will be driving us to and from the airport.

The total cost of the flight and the rental is about the same as I had projected for driving my own car. But we have 2 extra days we would have spent driving, less stress and no worries.

Well, to tell the truth, I am already terrified knowing I’m going to fly.

There is only one and not so important downside. I’ll have to cut down on photography equipment as I had planned to take a medium format camera for landscapes.

Guess I’ll be taking my Ricoh GR and the 21mm add-on lens with me for general use and two Olympus OM camera’s, some glass or two Nikon’s. I’m not sure yet.

On the other hand, we are on holiday and this means Q-time.

Kronburg Castle, Helsingor (c)R. Haselbeck
Kronburg Castle, Helsingor
(c)R. Haselbeck