Filmdiaries Photozine first issue is online

I have been working very hard on what one could describe as “I have a dream.” A free film photography magazine supported by a bunch of avid film photographers.

Sure, I need to gain street credibility so this first issue is about my work and articles written by me. But I would love to see issue 2, May 2018, filled with contributions of those who love the creative process offered by film photography.

This first issue is available on Unfortunately they recently changed their policy towards free subscriptions. Downloading a publication isn’t possible for those with a free subscription.
That is not a real problem as I am setting up a Raspberry PI system to allow just that. Download the magazine.
Sure, it is a lot of work and I am willing to do this if people add to the magazine.

Check it out, this first and humble issue of “Filmdiaries Photozine“.

If you want to participate, simply contact me.

Kwarekken, Westerlo.
Instax Mini 9 scanned


  1. Nice first issue. To be able to collect enough new material for the journal you might want to make it quarterly. And maybe select themes for each issue. Just my thoughts.


    • Thank you for your feedback. Indeed, if I don’t find any contributors I’ll do something like that and I’m thinking it might offer more value.


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