On loan…

On loan from a friend,  colleague, and an avid photographer.

This Rodenstock Ysarex 360mm f4,5 for Sinar. It sure is a hefty lens. I’ve mounted it on my Sinar Norma and happily, I have an extended rail. The closest I can get, bellows extended, is about 2,5 – 3 meters.

This lens had no shutter. So I am thinking of using a very low ISO film and make a sort of black tube to slide off and on the lens. I believe I will be able to shoot wide open keeping the shutter at around a second or two. Black and white is forgiving so, well, we’ll see.

Rodenstock Ysarex 360mm f4,5 without a shutter. On loan from a good friend.

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  1. Paper and x-ray film has an ISO of around 2. That would give you plenty of time for a hand activated exposure. Otherwise a neutral density filter might do what you need.


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