Some changes to this blog.

I’ve been thinking about kind of upgrading the content of this blog to a more personal one. Mind you, it would still be about photography, film and musicmaking.  Yet I would write about the thoughts, reflections and plans I have.

In the final days of August 2019 my Princess, my girlfriend for the past 8 years, suddenly broke up with me. It was an emotional decision she told me. Mostly because her children never approved our relation let alone wanted to get to know me. They found their mother was cheating on their father who ended his life about 6 months before I met Princess who, at that time, was already divorced from him for over 3 years.

I tried to convince her this could be a mistake but without avail.

We are now 16 months further and I am still single. I find it very hard to connect with somebody new because the separation did not only come as a shock but left me with many unanswered questions.

My youngest daughter, Little A., is 20 and lives with me. She studies in Antwerp. Obviously at this age she isn’t interested even a little bit in the life of me, an old fart aged 61.

I’ve always been a recluse, with only a few close friends. Now I am even more a recluse, like many of us, with this pandemic.

Writing more in depth about my ‘creative’ process, thoughts et al feels like a logic move to a more personal blog. I have in fact nobody to talk to. I know, this sounds a wee little sad, but I don’t mind really. Just the pleasure of writing some of my emotions down is a relief and maybe, just maybe, of some value to somebody else.

These weeks, months of confinement have led me to learn more about my hobbies, gave me the freedom to venture into new things like making music. But taking this last example, why did I suddenly invest in this? There is a story to tell and because nobody is really listening, I thought what the heck, let me write it down.

And maybe it isn’t a stupid idea at all. I’m known on social media as A Fortunate Traveler.  And what is travel about? It is about our trip from birth to death and what we do in between these 2 major goals.

Happy days.
Happy days….


  1. Actually there’s someone listening. I like your blog a lot, I like the way you mix photos with experience, storytelling, emotions and humor. I’m sorry I don’t express it but we’re all in a hurry, even when confined. I’d like to have your persistence- I don’t even remember the last time I posted in my own blog, although it comes to my mind every week, but Instagram tends to be easier. So, go for it…

    I’m sorry about your Princess. You are a father (I’m a mother as well) and our children do reign in our kingdom, even if it’s not logical at all. I’m sure there’s a Queen waiting for you out there. Just be patient, she will come.

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