A wind still day

Somewhere at the end of May 2020, my first trip shooting with my new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. Almost a wind still day so many of the shots look like photographs extended in time.

Past Sunday was a cold and gray and rainy day. September is coming to an end, October is already knocking at the door.
So I looked at those first clips, most of them I never showed, and decided to give them a makeover.

Using the tools in DaVinci Resolve, adding more controlled changes using Power windows I tried to make this footage as “cinematic” as I could.

Dandelion time-lapse experiment

Hope you all are well.

Confined at home, working at home, well, in a way it suits me. But then again, I am a loner.
I miss being able to go to the woods in different places though. I miss the filming, making images.
Nowadays I do a lot of reading, watch like a zillion movies like “Nouvelle Vague” of the real old classics.
Then there is YouTube, an ideal learning platform. I picked up quite a lot about editing in DaVinci Resolve.

In Belgium we can go for a walk or a short bicycle trip. Sitting on a bench or grass in a park is forbidden. Even alone except if you are pregnant or disabled. I am neither.
Going out for a hobby is a not essential trip.

Justly restrictions in these Covid-19 times and I am not complaining.  One cannot be too careful.

There is this dandelion on my terrace. In the morning it is closed but the moment the sun hits my terrace it opens.
Why not trying a time-lapse?

I used my trusty and old Nikon D2h. It has a 4-megapixel JFET-LBCAST manufactured by Nikon and is very IR sensitive. I like the kind of creamy images this sensor produces.
It can also operate on AC-power for very long time-lapses.

I asked Google for some advice about what would be a good interval but didn’t find much information. Well, maybe I didn’t search good enough.

I did some calculations as I knew how long it took for the flower to open and finally decided on a 20” interval. I choose for manual exposure. I choose for JPG because I considered this to be more a learning experiment.

I took 240 images, good for 10 seconds of footage. Reviewing the images, I noticed the Nikon D2h exposure and/or white balance isn’t consistent (anymore).

I used Lightroom for some minor tweaks and for cropping the images to 9:16 so I could use them as an Instagram story if I was happy with the result.

I transferred everything to DaVinci Resolve on a 24-fps timeline. Added deflicker and slapped some music on the footage.

Albeit far from perfect I was pleasantly surprised by the result.

Next time I’ll use a 10” interval, or, if I find a Compact Flash memory card with enough space, even 5” interval just to be able to play with the footage in post, like a speeding up effect.

Stay safe!