Shooting with the Blackmagic 4K

I haven’t been shooting as much with this camera as quarantine rules rightly so still rule.

Besides, like a zillion reviews can be found on Youtube.

My needs are not that high so I shoot one step (12:1) above the highest compression rate in BRaw, 8:1. Still the files are huge.
One of the first things I ordered was a 6 TB hard disk to accommodate the files I shoot.

The dual ISO chart is crystal clear when you understand it and knowing about Ansell Adam’s zone systems helps a lot to understand the principle.

I bought the camera secondhand with a case, a handle, an external SSD Samsung T5 and a battery plate to accommodate Sony NPF batteries. So I have no issues when it comes to battery or storage.

But let the above be utterly unimportant. Because what really counts is the image quality.

When exposed correctly with the right ISO, image quality is simply unbelievable gorgeous.