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Three Men on a Bench

On Sundstorget Square, Helsinborg we saw quite some underprivileged sitting on benches, drinking, getting high. Men, women, young and old.

I did not want to come to close as I found out soon after taking this image some of them can be very aggressive.

Three men on a bench (2016) - Helsinborg, Sweden Nikon D300 with 24-120mm
Three men on a bench (2016) – Helsinborg, Sweden
Nikon D300 with 24-120mm




Thoughts – May 09, 2016

2nd Week at home. Going back to work this Thursday.
I’ve been diagnosed with something I did not even know existed. Yet it is one of these things that affect people in modern society.  It can lead to depression or a burn-out, two things I’ve faced in the past and know how devastating they can be. Especially the latter.

I “suffer” from a bore-out. The link to Wikipedia explains it much better than I could do in this short blog post.

Searching for a new job is senseless. I am way to old. So I have to find something that pleasures me, that gives me intense satisfaction. Yes Sweetheart, you already do all that.

So I have been soul-searching, reading a few books about how (my) photography could help me find a fresh start in my life, aside from my job. A few YouTube clips and a couple of documentary films on William Eggleston inspired me to look at the mundane, the everyday stuff.

A free an extremely well made and written eBook by Eric Kim, 100 Lessons From The Master of Street Photography, has been a huge inspirational source for me. Read it, even if you are not into street photography.

This morning I went to the Monday Market twice and shot about 120 frames with my Ricoh GR II. For this I used the Snap-mode set a 1,5 meter, in TAV meaning I decide aperture and shutter speed. As it was sunny I dialed in f9 giving me a depth of field between 75 cm and infinity. Snap means you are working in hyperfocal.

Me and the others (2016) Ricoh GR II
Me and the others (2016)
Ricoh GR II

I enjoyed walking and shooting on this very busy market. At this moment I guess I have about 4 keepers.

Meet 'n greet (2016) Ricoh GR II
Meet ‘n greet (2016)
Ricoh GR II

In the afternoon I went to the woods and enjoyed walking and some point & shoot photography. Hell, I’m taking pictures for my own pleasure.

I’m doing what I like and enjoy doing.

Mirror (2016) Ricoh GR II
Mirror (2016)
Ricoh GR II

REBLOG – Streetphotography

Street Photography Magazine is the place for street shooters to showcase their work. It’s a window into the world of experts to learn from them firsthand. And it’s a tool to share tips tricks and techniques to reach the next level in creativity and technical skill.

For not even 2 bucks a month you get access to a wealth of information.

One of the things that caught my eye was a link to Eric Kim‘s website. There is some lovely photography to be found on his site.

He also offers some interesting ebook and some of them are free. One of them is an excellent one on streetphotography.

“Learn From the Masters of Street Photography” can be downloaded via this LINK and in various formats.

Thank you Eric for your time and effort and for sharing this with the photography community for free.

Check out Eric Kim’s website and if you are into street photoghrapy, I think the magazine is more than worth the 2$ per month.

NOTE I am in no way affialiated with Street Photography Magazine or Eric Kim and I did not receive anything for sharing this information on this blog.


Kiev 4 Focusing Issues

Yesterday I took the Kiev 4 and used it for the second time.

I shot 12 frames, making sure my main subject was in focus. Yes, after my first few shots a few days ago I had the impression focus was not always spot on.

I developed the film and while drying Little A. and I watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars. After that I called Sweetheart and after that I went to bed and for a while I did some reading on my eBook reader.

It was hot in my bedroom making it hard to fall asleep. Hell, the announced heat wave hasn’t arrived yet. That will be promising. Weather forecast tells me it will be close to 36° C this Saturday.

This morning I scanned the 12 negatives and only 3 of them were sharp. Sharpness of the remaining 9 images was really inconsistent and between not very sharp to very blurred.

I’ll do some testing in my studio using a tripod later on.

Browsing trough the activities calendar of our local CC Zwaneberg I noticed there is a workshop about street photography. There is one evening (3 hours) dedicated to a theoretic approach of the genre and then, a few days later, 3 hours of practice in Antwerp.
The workshop is given by Glenn Huyben and I like what I see on his Glenn Huyben. I’ll probably going to follow this workshop given in April 2016.

But I have a more serious event today. Shortly after noon Little A. and I are going to her boarding school to pick up her belongings and get her school report.

Not sure I’ll be overjoyed when I see the results but I am hoping and do trust Little A. to have gotten back on track after some dramatic results at the beginning of the school year.

Untitled (2015) Kiev 4 loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus
Untitled (2015)
Kiev 4 loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus