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Thoughts – June 14th, 2015

It is hot.
Very warm outside and hot inside the apartment. Although covered there is no sign of the promised summer storm. I am looking forward to some rain though, just for that delicious odor of wet soil.

I’m drinking a chilled beer and feel lonely and sad.

The movie “The Salt of the Earth” that I saw yesterday with its gruesome yet beautiful images of famine, genocide and exodus left deep traces and it made me feel bad the bigger part of the day. There is no end to humanities cruelties.

At 4pm I had to do a shoot of a young boy for the counterpart of a communion, I don’t know how they call it in English.
I made some portraits of the boy and then we went to the location I had chosen, a country road with big trees and lots of shadow.
We had lots if fun and I made some 60 shots of the boy and some with his sister and a group portrait with the parents.
It is not something I do very often.
But the results came out okay and I am sure they are going to be very happy. I’ll post some later on after the client has seen them.

It felt a little awkward working with a digital camera but I was glad I had chosen my D300 so I could immediately see the results and get some feedback from the client.

Back home I uploaded the images to my iMac and made a copy of the folder to an offline disk. Then, after a quick shower, I picked up Sweetheart.

We went for a long walk and we talked about a zillion things. I had my Olympus OM-1n with the Zuiko 50mm f1.4 that I used wide open. The light was beautiful and the grass between the trees picked up the light in long and slowly moving streaks of light. Wide open the 50mm f1.4 softens the abundance of light and gives it a dreamy look and feel. One of these days I should load the camera with a color film.

Then I told Sweetheart I was feeling very hungry and I took her to the local sushi restaurant.
The owner smiled at me. Past Thursday I had dined there with Big A. and that too had been fun. My eldest daughter was extremely happy because I finally gave her my iPhone 4s.
I had bought a Lumia 640LTE that morning and it is my first Windows phone.

Back home Sweetheart and I talked some more and we drank some delicious Shiraz and then went to bed.

We woke up very early this morning and after some intense fun and coffee we went for a long walk in the fields where we followed a meandering river.

Much to soon it was noon and I had to drop Sweetheart off at her place and then that was it.

More and more I miss her presence and think of all the things we could have done together.
I miss her laughter, her love and so much more.

This feeling of sadness and loneliness stayed with me all afternoon.

And then just a few minutes ago Big A. called me to wish me a happy father day. She passed the phone to Little A. and she laughed and wished me the same albeit she had already sent me a text message early this morning.

Life is great but I wish Sweetheart was at my side now.

Fluffy grass (2015) Olympus OM-1n with Zuiko 50mm f1.4 and loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus
Fluffy grass (2015)
Olympus OM-1n with Zuiko 50mm f1.4 and loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus

The Salt Of The Earth

I was looking forward to see this movie for a long time and this morning I finally was able to watch it.

This film, ‘The Salt of the Earth‘, made by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, is an emotional rollercoaster.

Each and every of Sebastião Salgado’s photographs are sheer beauty. Intense black and white images that make you think, gasp for breath or touch you even in the deepest corners of your soul. They are all without any exception pure eye candy.

What Sebastião Salgado (° February 8th, 1944) has to tell is worth listening to. His approach to the human condition and then, at the end of his career, nature, is very philosophical but yet down to earth.

The work he and his wife have done when it comes to nature preservation breathtaking. Instituto Terra, once his parent’s huge farm and where he grew up, in paradise, had become in 2000 a dried and dead desert.
Now Instituto Terra is paradise once again and a natural park. He and Lélia and help replanted a whole forest.

The bigger part of the movie talks about Salgado’s life and his work as a social photographer documenting the human condition.

The Rwanda Genocide, Civil Wars in former Yugoslavia, the burning oil fields in Kuwait, the drought in Africa during the 80ties, most of these images almost unbearable to watch. I am not ashamed to say that on more than one occasion I had to stop the movie because I was crying. Humanity is capable of an unspeakable cruelness.
I cannot start to imagine how Salgado must have felt, powerless, midst the stench of death and immense human suffering.

After documenting the Rwanda Genocide he was emotionally drained and had seen enough distress.
He and his wife Léila returned to Brazil to replant the old family domain that was by now death and dry.

It took Sebastião Salgado almost a decade to find his love for photography back when he turned his camera to nature and created and immense body of work called “Genesis“.

“The Salt Of The Earth” is an intense experience. Sometimes extremely gruesome, hard to watch too, mostly simply beautiful and all this covered with hope.

Visit my Pinterest board on Sebastião Salgado.

I highly recommend this movie although viewer discretion is advised due to often cruel and saddening images depicting the human condition.