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Thoughts – August 4, 2017

Past Friday, July 28, Sweetheart and I went paddling in The Netherlands. On the Veerse Meer at Kanoa Outdoor Events. I had reserved a kayak the day before. Great place, friendly people and democratic prices. Except for the fact they did not ask if we wanted a life jacket. Okay, we did not ask either.
Getting in a kayak after turning over is very hard. I am sure I would have a serious problem. But then again I am a trained swimmer. I could stabilize the kayak and help Sweetheart in it.

Lake Veere is a huge lagoon in the province of Zeeland. In 1961 the Delta Works dam system partially cut it off from the North Sea. The Delta works were an answer to the 1953 flood killing 1836 in The Netherlands.

Sweetheart and I kayaked some 4 hours and had a great time. Obviously I took the GoPro and a suction holder with me. The suction stuff did not work as the plastic of the kayak was too rough. I had to use the camera handheld but that wasn’t a big deal.

The weather on the lake was rough, about 4 to 5 Beaufort,  so we choose calmer water. On the lake itself the waves were high and we don’t have enough experience yet.

With the GoPro Hero 4 Silver I shot everything in Protune, native white balance and flat color in order to get the most out of the footage. Also I choose the 2,7 K video setting at 24 fps.

We were hungry after the paddling so we stopped at Yerseke and enjoyed mussels in a small restaurant called De Schelde. I’ve been visiting this place a few times a year for the past 3 decades.

At the moment I am not sure yet what I will use a my video-editing program. I am trying both Final Cut Pro X and Premiere CC 2017.

What I find difficult is the color grading. Been watching quite some tutorials on Youtube.
I like this stage because it involves a lot of learning new stuff and experimenting.

Just a couple of weeks ago Sweetheart, her grandchild and foster kid Star, Sweethearts brother, wife and two kids visited a 3 kilometre barefoot path. I filmed the event and edited a 7 minute clip out of it. Added some royalty free music and voila.

I am pretty sure none of them expected such a beautiful result, not even me.

Sweetheart loves the fact I am now documenting our life on video. There is nothing wrong with photos but footage, voice, the surrounding sounds is a whole different experience.

I have many pictures of my mom who passed away in 2005. I would love to hear her voice, watch her speak, smile, enjoy life.

Photographs are stills by nature. We have to add our memories of that moment, that person, that whatever moment.

Over time that could be something very deceitful. My father passed away when I was 13. That was 45 years ago. I never missed somebody that bad as my father.

Anyway, today he is, in my mind’s eye, a god. Just an image. Just a fraction of a second. Yet I remember vaguely being hit, skin burning, crying. I vaguely remember the scent of the Pétrol Hahn he used.
I would sneak in the bathroom and shake the bottle with the green liquid and the oily substance floating on top of it.

I vaguely remember his cough, like something tickling his throat.  When that couching finally went away he could not eat much anymore. Cancer got him. He was 64.

I wish I could watch him walk, talk, smile. That would be so fucking soothing at times. Even today. Fuck, I really so miss him. I would have love presenting Sweetheart to him.
It would never have been possible. He married my mom when he was in his fifties. I’m 58.
Do the math.

Yeah, I wish I could see my father one more time. Hear him talk, watch him walk. Smile at me.
Hug me.
Hold me.




A long weekend

Yesterday, Saturday, May 23th in the late evening, Sweetheart and I drove to Yerseke. We enjoyed cooked mussels in a little restaurant I have been visiting for the past decade or so. My love had invited me for my upcoming birthday next Wednesday. I’ll be 56 and I find the idea approaching 60 even more troublesome. It is not because I feel old or so, it is the 60 that is so very depressing.

Back home we went to bed, Princess Sweetheart and I. It was already late but we took our time to enjoy each other.
And then, after a good night sleep, we enjoyed each other even more.

Sunday, May 24th.
I dropped Sweetheart of at her place. It was noon and she had her kids and her life to take care of.
I had nobody to care for so I drove to Zeeland, direction Goes where I took the Zeeland Bridge and ended up in Zierikzee.

Oh boy did I enjoy my leisurely afternoon. I spoke with a Dutch gentleman whom was fascinated I still did analogue photography. It was in a little street where I noticed how he took an image of an old Agfa illuminated sign. I said hi and we talked and then he was gone but seconds later I heard him running towards me asking for my card.
Yes, this are moments I cherish, these unexpected encounters.

I truly had a grand afternoon but it was overshadowed because Sweetheart wasn’t at my side. I am sure she would have enjoyed this visit, this discovery of Zierikzee. With her the afternoon would have been even greater and intenser.

Later on I took some long exposure shots and back home it was a piece of film I developed first. Unfortunately they are once again ruined. Exposure is okay but they suffer from light leaks too. Yet this time I used my Olympus OM-1n and on regular shots there is nothing wrong. But with these long exposures, 2′:30″ there are deep black streaks over the negatives. I find it extremely demotivating.

One of these days I am going to pick up the Kiev 6C in Gent.