Spots of sunlight

A few days, well, it could have been more than a week ago, I went for a walk and took the Yashica Mat with me. Just having fun with one camera, a 6×6 square format and 12 shots.

I love medium format film. It has something well, big.
If I could I would invest in 6×7 or even a 4×5″ camera. That really slows you down.
I made child portraits with a 4×5″ camera when I was in my last year at art school decades ago.

The childeren found it amazing seeing me hide under a cloth. Doing things with the camera, turning knobs and so on.

Then I grabbed a chair and sat down and told my model a fairytale while observing and pushing the release cable’s button when I thought it was the right moment.

They forget the camera and dive into the story told. Then there is that moment you think is decisive and you make the image.

You cannot know it 10 seconds later the gaze is even more intense. You have a 4×5″ camera and are entitled to just one shot.

I don’t use my 6×6″ or 4,5″ x 6″ that much though. The HP Scanjet G4050 sucks big time. It does not deliver the quality (sharpness, contrast) I get with the 35mm Minolta Scan Elite 5400.

I’ve been spending almost 3 hours on getting this one right and I am far from happy.

This negative has been scanned as a positive, a negative and a color negative. I find the settings all but intuitive. The latter is not something I think is related to the scanner but also to the software and operating system. I have both Mac OSX Yosemite (my main or mean machine) and Windows 7.

Spots of sunlight - duotone Yasica Mat with Ilford HP5 Plus Scanned with HP G4050
Spots of sunlight – duotone
Yasica Mat with Ilford HP5 Plus
Scanned with HP G4050